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Fall from a great height

Song Length 3:03 Genre Rock - Alternative



Once I was king of the realm
firm in judgment, hand on helm
Once I built a city of stone
Wasn't very much but I called it home

But the walls came down one night
Even rich guys can lose a fight
Lord know this crown aint light

Once I ruled a handful of seas
But now this pond is enough to please
Once I seemed to be on the ball
But every empire needs to fall

Once I sold hope by the cup
All the locals would drink it up
But lately sales are going down
Some say it's time to leave this town

And I know well the one who is to blame
But revenge is just a suckers game
Specially when...

Once this profile graced every coin
Even enemies would they purloin
But rarely now do they call me back
Seems my reputation has a crack
But I don't want it back

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