Watch Me Go

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using the key supplied words.... Songs that feature lyric keywords of "watch me," "your turn," "what you gonna do now" and "I got you beat." Genre and tempo is wide open.

Song Length 2:46 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Classic


Watch me go

It seems the only way I learn?Is to get my fingers burned
Collecting those no thank you letters
I'm watching Everybody else get better

It's hard to get a chance to shine
It's hard to show that it's your time
All I ask is just one little shot
To show this world is what I got

I watch you, yeah I imitate
I followed every move you make
I listen to you like you were a preacher
Now the student shows the teacher

There's one thing I have finally learned
you got to take a chance to get your turn
This world has finally got to know
Just step aside and watch me go

And if it falls apart somehow
What you want to do right now?
Take a long look in the mirror
find a way to dismiss the fear or

It will eat you up inside
From yourself there's no place to hide
Never give in and don't retreat
Just stay alive you got them beat

It wont easy, it wont be fast
If its here too quick it won't last
One day its over
What did your learn?
Its not worth nothing
If you don't earn

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