I've been cheating on ya

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The personification of the fridge as a the other party in this love triangle of dieter, diet and temptation

Song Length 2:50 Genre R & B - General


I've been cheating On Ya

Verse 1:?You know I want you, What we got is special
I like the way I look with you, I want us to be together
Sometimes I wish there was a lock on her door
So I couldn't come back for more

I've been cheating on you. Though I try to stay away
It's time you finally knew, its gets harder every day
Her door opens up, and her light goes on
I gotta stay away baby. Yeah
I gotta be strong

Verse 2:?I know I promised you I'd the best I can
But it ain't so easy for love starved man
Sneaking away for her leftover love
I gotta admit its like heaven from above


Verse 3:?Baby please forgive me
You know I want to stay
It looks like that you caught me
Snacking on her love buffet
But don't let that get you down
You know I've made mistakes
I'm be coming right back to you
After I have a little piece of her cake

Cheating cheating I'm just a cheater
Don't You know theres always something sweeter
That tempts me from my very best intentions
Sometimes I think I need an intervention

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