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Dark Secrets
releasable write, with a decent live act, a comp[letely marketable product
we think a local-seler, limited release at first, major city, 10,000 copies print, along wioth 3 other "outside songs", from the recording artistsv own catelogue.

so, what does this lyric "speak about"...?
we have J's notes, so we knpow for a fact what they are "about"
can you guess what this lyric is "directed" to?
can you guess who is the "person" the lyric is talking to?

that person is veru, very real.
and, that person won't like that "rumor" going around, that the words "talk" to them, directly, as an insult.

whio could it.................................

that is called "negative market" concept.
when applied properly, it usually leads to massive sales.
almost like a "gimmck" song.

very few words, short phrses
insults, compressed inopt 3 word phrses
building a total "picture" of someone who is digusted by anothers ways

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

Dark Secrets will be re-done
new band, new singer, new everything
same "groove", heave guitars
"slip-knot-ish" possibly
but very, very heavy
think Carnifex combined with Robert Palmer
or, even better...
Robert Palmer builds a new, live act.

remember when Palmer took that guitarist from Duran?
THAT was a good marketing move by Palmer.
Power Station
3,000,000 in sales
2 years
then, dis-banded
the things is this...
that "band" was never designed to "last"
the contract, and the understanding between "members" was exactly that. before-hand


Waste Of Time
now FREE
for how long?

who knows

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

file #23-49

a take on the old cliche...
"my music is my mistress"
attempted so many times, since that "lyric" seed has been around for centuries...
artists, over many decades, dozens in fact, have liked that seed so very much, that it has been used as a "root: concept hundreds of times...

a master who referred to himself as a student.
a friend, although I never met him in person.
this take on a "cliche" lyric idea is truly a worthy ripoff,
don't you agree?

oh, thats right...
you can't "comment" here.

my mistake.

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

now, we ask...
who could possibly sing that lyric, and mean it...??

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