I am a writer who primarily writes lyrics. I have partnered with 1 writer of music but I am open to working with others. I have written a screenplay and have several stories in that genre as well not yet put into that format. I have 2 songs published How the Sea Makes us fall in Love covered 2 times and as a theme in a TV Series, and Who's Right Who's Wrong covered once. I have been out of the music business for over 20 years but recently gave in to the urge to continue. 
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Jim Aitken
4 weeks ago to Jay Gross

"Jody newest version" is a touching song well performed.
Very nice Lyric!
I like a story in my lyrics so appreciated it.
Pretty strong Hook, so very listenable!
Well done Jay!

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
over 30 days ago to Jay Gross

Thanks Jay for kind review on "pocket full of nothing". Very appreciated.

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Jay Gross

Thanks for the stars friend!

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Clean Clean

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