Make Believe

Story Behind The Song

This song is about the environment and the changes and effects that mankind has levied on the world. The lyrics tell of someone making up stories or scenarios in their mind, on how things could be better. It is what I imagine Mother Earth might say if she could express her feelings.

Song Description

Nice easy feel and a hypnotic beat with electric keyboard and acoustic guitar arpeggios. Live Udu drums play a medicinal beat over soothing pads and you'll even hear a harmonica in the choruses if you listen close. A seductively sincere vocal track telling a story of what the Earth might say if it could talk. Very relaxing song with subtle but steady African and drum patterns blending with Western harmony and melody.

Song Length 4:05 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, New Age - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Pleasant, Peaceful Subject Earth, Imagination
Similar Artists Sade, Mariah Carey Language English
Era 2000 and later


I wanna make believe, the sea will be clear, someday
I wanna make believe, the trees will be here, to stay
I wanna make believe, that all of us are, the same
I wanna make believe, the man in the chair, will hear

I spent my lifetime, providing for you, don't waste me away
I spent my lifetime, nurturing you, don't persuade me to change

I wanna make believe, that I don't fear the air, the sky
I wanna make believe, the children will thrive, not cry

I spent my lifetime, fighting for you, don't waste me away
I spent my lifetime, sheltering you, make believe we sustain

I spent my lifetime, providing for you, don't waste me away
I spent my lifetime, nurturing you, don't believe it won't change
I spent my lifetime, fighting for truth, don't waste it away
I spent my lifetime, sheltering you, make believe we sustain

Cute start. Good balance.

Really great unique lyrics, highest quality vocals, great instrumentation, and perfect arrangements make this a high quality candidate for a contemporary film. Great job on the written content, but if didn't hurt to have such a great voice expressing those words!

the melody could make a modern jazz track ... its got good potential worldwide ... cos its sounds new and refereshing ...

The song started out ambient...much like atmospheric new age music...the drum program was very interesting...I particularly liked the guitar solo. The vocal was very strong...very emotive...You chose pop as your genre put this is a hybrid genre of pop/new age and R&B in my opinion...the overall length of song is good for this style of ballad...

Great lyrics with a good feel.
Really smooth arrangement, which the song needed.
Very good sound and well recorded.
Very nice piece of work.

Great intro, caught my attention right away. Beautiful vocal, reminds me of a Diana Ross song.
I also thought the instrumentation was fantastic! I think in the right market, this song has a lot of potential:)
Great production on this song!

This is lovely. It has a good vibe, nice vocals and a cool melody.

A very bittersweet song, where the fires of love have died, barely any warmth in the embers. Not quite a breakup song, but makes one feel like the character is worried and sad about their relationship.

Thought provoking lyrics Great stuff. Had me from the first line awesome. Great voice also well done I'll buy a ticket to the show.

Nice overall sound and feel - very ┬┤Sade┬┤ in places. i also liked the increase in instrumentation during the build up to bridges and chorus etc - one of my common complaints about songs which stay flat and have no dynamic.

Love the cool feel of this song!!!! Vocals are beautiful! Reminds me of Chaka Chan/Brenda Russell. Love the instrumentations!!!! Very original!! Great job!!

Effective intro that sets the mood for the piece. Nice bottom end in the mix that compliments the vocals. Nice build around 1:30 for the refrain. Really like the vocalist's voice, timing, and timbre. Nice musicianship and arrangement.

Like the vocal----The song hs a different kind of feel to it---From the beginning at the unusual intro---to the nice vocal it was a nice listen

Good vocals and music arrangement

Real nice vocals with great dynamics, every note is right on spot. nice instrumentation.

Very nice laid back feel to the song. Love the instrumentation as well as the vocal. Good hook.

Awesome arrangement. Fabulous vocals. This song has the power to transport the listener.

Lyrics Niloo Khodadadeh - Dave Haddad Music David N Haddad
Producer Dave Haddad Publisher Gruvpig Music
Performance Dave Haddad - Frank Garrett - Orbel Babayan - Neeyah Lynn Rose - Iraj Lashkary
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Make Believe

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