Three blokes (Paul King, Jim Burridge, Peter Burridge) who played together 40 years ago, and then had their dreams de-railed by life!
We reformed 2 years ago and we recruited a bass player (Peter Carney)and record all our music through Cubase Pro 8 and VST Connect Pro.
We have a lot of original songs waiting to be developed but also record covers of artists we all grew up with!!
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Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Stanhope Road

Thanks for the review of "Movie Theme". It's not really a recording as such, it was put together about 18 years ago on an old Roland workstation. Never meant to be a finished project, just a first attempt at figuring out how the workstation worked. I agree with everything you said. Might take some time and actually get back to it and use some of the newer orchestral based programs that weren't available when I put this quick idea together.
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