Just Breathe

Story Behind The Song

Originally entitled "Dirty World", the instrumental was written about all the corruption and greed in the world. The vocalist came in to sing a story of a break up where one person wants to keep holding on while the other wants a fresh start.

Song Description

Slow steady groove almost disco but more like Sade. A relaxing song but at the same time exhilarating to listen to with guitar and muted trumpet interplay and soothing background vocals. A half time bridge section with a cool understated synth solo and dreamy vocals leads to the 3rd chorus with a guitar theme (ala Journey) taking front stage. Then there's an instrumental "chill out" section at the end with sporadic guitar and trumpet riffs

Song Length 4:18 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Unbearable Subject Breaking Up, Hope
Similar Artists Pink Floyd, Sade Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


I know that you've going through a really tough time, and I know that you've been lonely.
I know you wanna blame me I'll accept my crime, but here's what's on my mind.

Just breathe; it's not as bad as you believe, all the beauty that you see.
Just breathe, exhale the thought of me, just breathe and you'll be free.

I know that you've been hurtin wanna hurt me too, and you feel your life in shattered.
The only thing that mattered to you torn apart, get up and stop your cryin.

Just breathe; it's not as bad as you believe, all the beauty that you see.
Just breathe, exhale the thought of me, just breathe and you'll be free.

It's not as bad as you believe
Exhale the thought of me
Just breathe and you'll be free

All the beauty that you see
Exhale the thought of me
Just breathe and you'll be free

Very nice vocals. Well produced and I really enjoyed your song. Has a great dreampop feel. The horn is a nice touch.

What an interesting twist, an interesting tension! From reading the lyrics, I thought the song would be consoling, Instead it admonishes...just breathe, dammit! Quit crying and get me off your mind already! That's actually quite original. I haven't heard a song with this subject matter done in this way and that may be very much in its favor. The melody is in minor keys, instrumentation is expertly tough, vocals are determined. So, still pining? Well, just listen and set yourself free!

Love the vocal...... it all fits together just right

solid arrangement

I have listened to this song three times and I'm sure I still haven't heard everything in it. It is packed with little bits all the way through. The singer is just enough out in front. The instrumentation is full and flawless. There are little backup vocals here and there that keep me listening. I like the internal rhyming. I love the toning down of the instruments in the 2nd verse, with the bass providing the main backing for the singer. The change to the instrumental is smoooothe!

I'm a songwriter, not a performer, so you get the highest marks for your musicianship and recording skills. It has a contemporary electronic slow dance tempo that is quite nice. Vocals are stunning.

Very cool song!! Really well written...great transition from verse to hook!! Playing/production is very high quality! Everything is done right!

Pleasing piece with a really pleasing vibe. Really good arrangement and backing vocals. Great instrumentation.

Funky-Pop with an R&B underlying element. Melodies that are friendly to the ear and stick. A pleasant '70s top-40 aura. Though this is a demo recording you can sense that this is a song with market potential.

Nice track! Reminds childhood:)

i likeyour vocals

This is a really good song..very catchy. I like the production very much it has a dreamy feel. Lovely use of backing vocals. Great instrumentation. Compelling change at 1.50.

Great feel. Great recording. Nice atmosphere.

very good song, i love it, excellent job - keep on with making good songs !!!

nice track. good pop mix. i like the beat, singer and musicianship. lyric has a personal vibe rather than instructional.

song has a nice groove and message. I like the song. Not my usual listening genre but I'm glad i stepped out.

Cool laid back song; Voice, lyrics, instrumental & recordings are great.

Lyrics Niloo Khodadadeh Music David N Haddad - John Barritt
Producer Dave Haddad Publisher Gruvpig Music
Performance Dave Haddad - Niloo Khodadadeh - John Anonymous - Orbel Babayan - Frank Garrett
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