Beautiful Sound

Story Behind The Song

The song speaks to the wonderment of life, from birth to enlightenment. Very inspirational with almost spiritual lyrics.

Song Description

Jazzy mellow groove supported with Rhodes keyboards, nylon guitar ethnic percussion and subtle fx. Vocals by Neeyah Lynn Rose all recorded in "The Womb Studio", Los Angeles.

Song Length 4:12 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, In High Spirits Subject Life, Hope
Similar Artists Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu Language English
Era 2000 and later


The first cry of life, a beautiful sound, out of the heavens and now we're earth bound.
We came learn and all that we do, these are our lessons exploring our truths.

We laughed and we cry, looked down deep inside, our fears have all died
We felt so much more, too much to ignore, we walked through the door
A bump on the way, we pray everyday, we came here to stay
We're holding our hands, all part of the plan of woman and man.

The first cry of life, a beautiful sound, up from the desert and soaring the clouds.
Wisdom and courage are flowing through you, good things are destined your life is brand new.

The first cry of life, a beautiful sound, now we're together and laughing out loud.
Peace for the world is all that we do, feeling progression exploring a new.

Our minds feel so free, so much we can see, one love we will be
Good deeds from the core, all life we adore, this world we explore
We welcome each day, we learn a new way, to make things okay
Our hands span all land, from mountains to sand, united we stand.

The first cry of life, a beautiful sound, out of the heavens and now we're earth bound.
We're here to learn and all that we do, these are our lessons exploring our truths.

The first cry of life, a beautiful sound, sharing the blessings and knowledge we've found.
Healing the world with all that we do, love is abundant it's here for you.

Nice dreamy opening. Good idea to have minimal drums and then build and then get bigger with percussion. Good job on the arrangement.

I loved the positive message of the song and it seemed like a lot of thought was put into it as well. The guitar and bass sounded very clean and the recording was smooth. It took awhile but I was waiting for the solo and it finally came. I definitely enjoyed it as well.

Very creative arrangement and great work. Nice blend and groove

Nice laid back tune, starts off with a hooky keyboard part before the vocals come in. The vocals work quite nicely, they fit well with the style of song. The instrumentation is well done. The mix is good, all instruments are where they should be. Liked the lead acoustic guitar very much. Overall, a very nice effort.

Very relaxed, smooth, nice voice, lovely soft guitar sound, good bass,

Really pretty, pretty song!! The music is great and grabs you right off. I really like the spiritual nature of the lyric.....goes very well with the music. The arrangement and the performance by the musicians is BEAUTIFUL! This is really a captivating piece!!

Have always been a big jazz enthusiast and have the extensive 33&1/3 rpm vinyl collection to prove it:-). This production creates an awesome chill ambiance. Great vocals, great instrumentation,pro production. Great job! Love it!

Nice mellow tune. Would be perfect movie material. Like the instrumental 3/4 ways through. Good work

The song is nicely arranged and played. The singe has a good , broad voice and very good pronounciation.

Nice laidback sound, nice track

Adored the keys from the outset. Beautifully executed piece of music. Nice arrangement and variation.

Stunning vocal harmonies.

Smart rhythm programming/playing.

Put it this way, when reviewing music on here I rarely get to the end, losing interest. I played this in its entirety - rare for me!

This song has a spanish flavour, that gives its identity, with good guitar licks in that sense. Good lyrics, very good voice, denote passion and filling.

nice instrumentation particularly the guitar. great vocal. nice tone and control. nice piece of contemporary jazz could also here this as a film track .like the break with the guitar and percussion very nicely done.

Really nice song with a Spanish flavor using the classical-sounding guitar. Great arrangement and great vocalist as well. There's a really nice variety of sounds to keep the listener drawn in. Great job on this song! If it's band in a box, I need to find out that box that is!

What a wonderful message within this music and lyrics. In a world full of chaos and violence, more positive, encouraging, and hope filled music is needed. When mere words and speeches are not effective, music moves the heart, emotion, and thoughts. This song does it all. Great music, great vocals, and the lyrics are stellar. I'm very impressed with what has been submitted here!

A wonderful rounded sound where all instruments can be easily heard and blend together into one. The introduction with strings, Fender Rhodes like piano and Spanish guitar solo sets the stage for this song reflecting about our life.
Our life is a great topic, but not easy to grasp with words and even harder to express in music. This songs is a very rare example that masters this high goal.

Oh this is fantastic! So well recorded/mixed/produced/performed! I love the instrumentation and melodic structure. This is really a perfect piece! Keys and guitar are haunting while the vocals bring the beauty and peace. The stops are also really awesome and the drum/perc groove is different and awesome! Love the breakdown/solo section. Extremely well done! Just a great song! A++

Loved the track!!! Great vocals, harmony & the instruments accompanied well & blended superbly. From the intro on you had me!!!

This is a profound and beautiful song. I like your voice. Clear and in tune. Strong, familiar lyrics that are approachable and easily embraced. Nice cadence to the meter of the song. Nice simple groove that just keeps rolling along. Solid instrumentation. Solid recording and mixing.

Really liked the vocals and the over all sound. Nice acoustic guitar near the end.

Beautiful song! Love the style and amazing instrumentations!! Great sounding production!! Super sweet vocals!! Nice hook too!!

This is a refreshing track! I find myself really liking tracks like this, as it paints many visuals in the mind! Well, performed and tracked! Vocals are crisp, guitars are cutting through, bass and rhythm track are holding down the bottom, and keys are providing color and orchestration while the backing vocals seal the deal! Good work!


A beautiful Jazz song with other Genre elements involved. (ie: Latin) Strong Vocal emotes the lyrics and I felt the song. Instrumentation is very good. Love the guitar and wished it was a tad stronger throughout the production. not just the bridge at 2:50 or so. It's that great!

Well balanced arrangement and production.

Love this tune!!!! I'd love to play on such a great recording. Very clean recording, nice panning, great arrangement of instruments. The vocals are first class!! Beautiful guitar!!!

Lyrics David N Haddad - Neeyah Lynn Rose Music David N Haddad
Producer Dave Haddad Publisher Gruvpig Music
Performance Dave Haddad - Neeyah Lynn Rose - Orbel Babayan - Louie Ruiz Label Gruvpig Music
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