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Kim Richey Jesse Terry Two excellent working musicians that seem to play everyday and everywhere.

Song Description

Musician longs to be home with his loved ones, but he has to keep playing to provide for them

Song Length 3:29 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject Loneliness, Long
Language English Era 2000 and later



Every stage looks the same
All these clubs, different names
This plane is crowded 'least I got the aisle
Last stop in thousands of miles

Rent a car, shuttle bus
Nice hotel? Not so much
I'll play my songs 'til I'm somewhere and free
That place that I long to be

That somewhere is homewhere, Anywhere off of the road
And my one prayer is you're there
And we've got nowhere to go

It's like our love's in between
Reality and this scene
Most days I'm somewhere and you're nowhere around
I wish this plane would touch down

In Homewhere, yes homewhere, Anywhere off of the road
And my one prayer is you're there
And we've got nowhere to go

I sing out...the crowd's loud
A good night for sure
But the best part is they're all part of a song they'll never hear

Called Homewhere, yes homewhere, Anywhere off of the road
And my one prayer is you're there
And we've got nowhere to go

Enjoyed the song all the way through...

Very nice solo acoustic guitar sound; draws you in immediately. The vocal performance is excellent. Good choice of instruments to support the vocalists.

I really like the subtle way the band comes in, nice harmonies. Band is really in the pocket, you guys are great!

The songwriter created a new word for the title of this song. Not somewhere, not anywhere, but HOMEwhere. I love the word and I love where this song takes me. As a touring artist, how I can relate to the beautiful feelings expressed in this song. Our work takes us away from the ones we love, the ones whose love inspires the songs. The writer uses excellent word pictures and lyrics to draw the listener right into his heart and the story. The stage, the clubs, the plane, hotel, shuttle bus. It's all so real and believable. Best lyric: One prayer - you're there. And I love the line "that we've got nowhere to go." This is truly one of the best musician on the road songs I have ever heard. Ten stars. Nice guitar and instrumentation; production great. Crystal clear perfect vocal.


Nice message to the song. Very enjoyable melody and lyric. Vocal is great and imparts sincerity.

great haunting, meditative ambiance right from the get go. Not sure if i'm hearing the lyrical hook line correctly, but sounds like "Home-Where" as opposed to "No-Where", which is really quite unique.

I would really like to give this song all excellents, but I think it can be better, I think it has great potential. The heavy rhythm I know is the style of country, but such a very pleasant voice deserves a pleasanter sounding guitar.

What a nice song. Well done.

Great tune. Arrangement is beautiful. Great work.

Great song! Love the vocals and arrangement.

Beautiful melody with nice "surprise notes." Nice build in the song. Some nice imagery in the song. Very nice smooth vocal with great pleasing tone. Good broadcast quality recording. Pleasant arrangement. The mood the music creates fits the homesickness expressed in the lyrics. An interesting piece.

Lyrics Bobby Caputo Music Bobby Caputo
Producer Bobby Caputo Publisher Bobby Caputo Music Publishing
Performance Bobby Caputo
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