Where's The Love- Snippet

Story Behind The Song

It's all about the streets, and how I feel about them.

Song Description

ยท ?Where?s The Love?: Is a song that is just telling about the streets. I?m a St. Louis guy, and it is hard to make it out here. I?m not glamorizing death and guns, or drugs, or anything like that, I?m trying to show these people that there?s nothing o

Song Length 1:32 Genre Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Beside Yourself
Subject Aliens Language English


Verse 1:
Where there?s street love//
There?s street slugs and aint no way around it//
Ni**as try to be fly till they get clipped and now they grounded//
Heaven known to cauck heaters//
Cauck so many burners they call me a cauck beater//
Squeeze trigger you?s a cauck eater//
Believe who//
I believe what I breath//
And that?s it//
Heaven ni**a//
That?s it//
From a youngster shooting dice in the pulpit//
To a grown man writing raps that you can groove with//
Street shit you knew this//
Play me like ya clueless//
And I?m a concentrate on ya camp as if ya Jewish//
Heaven never new to this//
Been spitting flows since ?94//
Perfected the same flow like X?s & O?s//
Play it backwards subliminal//
Heav a put 10 to ya//
Would put all 12//
But I ran out of shells//
Me accept failure//
That a be a cold day in hell//
Let you take me//
That a be a cold day in hell//
From dodging shells//
Cause tatter tells couldn?t stay silent//
To Heaven kicking in doors cause they wouldn?t stay silent//
I ain?t violent//
I just play the game by certain rules//
If it was me//
I?d expect the same out of you//
Put two-and-two//
You know that Heav never come soft//
Choose to play the boss if you want//
And I?m a choose to do what I want//
Heav never stunt never flaunt//
Cause I aint got s**t but what?s under my sweater//
Get at me//

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Publisher Leon Performance Leon
Label Big Belly Records
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