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Story Behind The Song

My love for women

Song Description

Is another R&B type song that I wrote to my future lady or wife. I have women around me now, and I also have a certain one that?s special. I don?t know if she is the one, but I write with her face in my head. It?s a song to just let a woman know how a

Song Length 1:13 Genre Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Disgust
Language English


Verse 1:
Brown eyes nice thighs//
Most of all your beautiful mind is what I admire//
We lay together sexing each other//
Two lovers as our future hovers above us//
And we don?t know how far this gone go//
Or how to make it last//
But we chose to walk the same path//
And I?m loving every second//
Everyday with you a blessing//
And I know things get hectic//
But you understand me//
So we hold each other down like gravity//
And I know you get mad when these other chicks try to be more than a fan//
But trust is something we have//
And I aint looking for nobody else//
You?ve been there when there was nothing//
Even when I was in the streets reaching for nothing//
You stuck with a brother//
You know you only second to this money//
Trust me//
We can make it last forever//
Even though we taking it slow//
So deeply in love//
That it goes beyond 24//
Only you I adore//
Baby I?m yours//

Lyrics Leon Producer Big Time Productions
Publisher Leon Performance Leon
Label Big Belly Records
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