No Love- snippet

Story Behind The Song

It's showing my hunger and my desire for success. All I know is the struggle and its time for change.

Song Description

It?s just me flipping out. The song is just saying how hungry I am. Sometimes it feels success just misses you, and you can feel it, but it continues to elude you. I don?t just want the world I want everything in it. I feel that I can have it if I wor

Song Length 2:48 Genre Rap - General
Mood Troubled Subject Cats, Kittens
Language English


Verse 1:
No love lost//
We in a buis were cats get money and get knocked//
And we aint promised the profit or tomorrow//
So we drown our sorrows in Vodka//
Whatever type of bottle//
Ready for the next day//
Same thing full throttle//
Carry hammers stuffed with hollow?s//
For cats who got a problo//
Get wet from a n***a named Pablo//
I don?t really care of course//
As long as my peoples eating meals full course//
But if things change//
Ya?ll better call the ambulance//
Call whoever//
We bout to make it light up like Baghdad//
Never wanted s**t to hit the fan//
But it?s all in some plan//
Everybody around my way got the same problems//
Drugs, guns, and the hustle//
Everybody don?t want to but they love it//

Verse 2:
Naw cuzz I aint done//
Hope you got yourself a gun//
Or I hope you know how to duck when you run//
Stories told by Heaven//
Not because its glamorous//
Use what I say as a lesson//
Get money the best way//
Careful though//
Ni**as leaving this place at a fast pace//
So pick up something new//
Even the police got yay//
And they trying to put me away//
I?m trying to put them away//
We can all hit the front page of the papers//
All go out with the vapors//
But I can be replaced at any moment//
By one of my peeps in the struggle cause we all hungry//
And we all carry dummies//
So wear something over your chest and your tummy//
Yeah he live what he wrote//
No hook just pain coming from my stomach like throw up//
Ya?ll fu**ers better learn how to grow up quick//
For you meet your demise//
Ghost style from all six//
Or double that//
With all twelve I guarantee I can get at cat plus his man//
Wasn?t he suppose to watch backs//
Instead he caught slugs were he suppose to hold blacks//
And he caught the rest//
Were he sits his fitted cap//
Closed casket//
Dudes a casualty//
If he?s a pappy his kids are bastards//
Wife?s a widow//
Love for the world went out the window//
Cause everything she loved//
Six feet under the surface//
Now she asking err body what?s the purpose//
Like Johnny Cash//
Where?s it at//

Verse 3:
Money cuzz where?s it at//
I?m a chase it like Chevy//
Pop a couple of cats//
And stash the burner by a levy//
Cause my mom hustled on meals for her shorties//
Promise that I?m a pay ya back moms//
Aint gone stop till I lay on my back moms//
Hard headed fu**er//
Cause we aint never had nothing//
I refuse to lose the little bit that we call something//
Choose to abuse dudes in the streets just to have nothing//
Call it what you want cuzz//
I?m just trying to eat//
But I promise you this//
That I?m a stop a lot of heartbeats//
If I can?t eat//
Plus my peeps//
Fu*k you if you say Fu*k me//
Stuck in the streets till I?m deceased//

Lyrics Leon Producer Big Time Productions
Publisher Leon Performance Leon
Label Big Belly Records
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