Hopeless- snippet

Story Behind The Song

I was releasing my feelings on the experience of maybe being incarcerated.

Song Description

I wrote this song in ?98 while I was dealing with some legal issues. At the time the St. Louis court system was trying to give me 5 years. I beat the rap and went on. It was a bogus effort to attempt to incarcerate an innocent man, and over time it sho

Song Length 1:23 Genre Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Troubled
Language English


Verse 1:
I?m screaming f**k you in the back smoking douja//
Spitting hocus pocus rhymes//
Letting these b***h ass n***as no who the dopest//
N***as knew that it was thug for life//
Trying to give me 5 hard time//
F**k the court it never made trial//
Backstabbers smile in your face//
They done hooked up with the man//
Everybody pointing a finger but they never knew//
That snitches catching stitches//
After stitches then its ditches//
F**k you b***hes cause you dealing with the realest//
Now bow down//
Its 2 little and H-E-A-V riding dirty with L.T.//
If you flinch//
You guaranteed a good night sleep//
Jealousy leads to closed coffins//
Lung shots keep you coughing somebody call the doctor//
How can you stop it//
It?s St. Louis and the east coast//
In 2-3 we taking over turning cowards into ghost//
That?s how it goes//
This shit ain?t ever changing//
I?m the man with the brain to teach a generation//
F**k it I?m hopeless//

Lyrics Leon Producer Big Time Productions
Publisher Leon Performance Leon
Label Big Belly Records
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