Intro: Prayer

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I started writing about myself, who I am, what I am, and what I'm trying to accomplish in life as well as music.

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ยท Intro: ?Prayer?- Snippet: The meaning behind this intro is just me explaining to the world that a new leader has emerged. Its like after we lost Notorious, and Tupac, the music industry went a certain way. I saw that people seemed to begin to pray f

Song Length 0:54 Genre Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Prairie, Plains
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Ya?ll been praying to our God//
Asking him question?s no human can solve//
He sent the Heav//
Like he sent his only begotten son//
Just as holy as John Paul//
Lyrics so deep they need to be deciphered by Rosetta?s Stone//
This just another cut//
It all ends with to be continued//
I came as soon as I could//
They say the game has gone soft//
But I?m as hard as the pavement you walk//
Never afraid to make your brains leak out//
That?s something you need to think about//
I?ll put something on you young dudes brains//
No what I?m saying//
Cats keep saying were you from them boys don?t sound the same//
What?s your name again//
That?s gone be a household name//
& for you cats that wanna hault progress//
I ain?t forgot how to cauck the hammer back//
Knock off your fitted cap//
Put holes in yo twisty naps//
What else did you expect//
Other than Heav to come and be the best//
Holla at me//

Lyrics Leon Producer Big Time Productions
Performance Leon Label Big Belly Records
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