Heaven The Hustler- snippet

Story Behind The Song

I'm trying to rise from the rubble. I'm so tired of the struggle that I learned how to master the hustle.

Song Description

ยท ?Heaven The Hustler?: This song is about me just trying to rise from the rubble. I want out of my street life. I will never lose the hustle or the lessons learned in the streets, but now I want to make it legal hustles. I want money that doesn?t sen

Song Length 1:32 Genre Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject General
Language English


Verse 1:
Heaven the hustler//
Spit sick all for the money//
Keep Heav from getting dough I?ll send 12 to your tummy//
Call em all dummy?s//
Cause they don?t really care where they go//
But if they hit you//
You can cancel the show//
Taught to be grime since the late 80?z (eight o?z)//
Heav live by a different street code//
So understand that you reap what you soe//
Hit the block with no love for the others//
Same hustle as the next//
I?m trying to rise from the rubble//
Speak for eternity?s especially//
If we talking bout struggle//
I thank my mom for installing the hustle//
Thank God//
Everyday every morning//
Cause I probably should have been at the gates//
Heav blessed so I?m upping the stakes//
Spit lyrics or spit slugs to ya face//
Do whatever for anything//
Blue collar//
Do whatever for anything//
Either through the hustle cuzz//
Or what I do in the streets//
Listen as Heav spit lyrically//
And as I flow like wizardry//
Except theirs no 23 front to back//
Number one like down down and T-Mac//
Heav n***a that?s were it?s at//

Lyrics Leon Producer Big Time Productions
Publisher Leon Performance Leon
Label Big Belly Records
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