Turn Me Loose- snippet

Story Behind The Song

The song is me asking the streets (my father) to turn me loose. I have become a man and now I must go out into the world and try to make it.

Song Description

ยท ?Turn Me Loose?: This song is about me wanting to change. I grew up in a single-parent household, in which my mom played her role as a devoted mother, but the streets played the role of my father. I didn?t have a father growing up; so whatever my mom

Song Length 1:47 Genre Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Anxious
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Beginning words:
Streets can you please// (Turn Me loose)
I wanna breath//
Give me the mic so I can breath//
Cause I wanna know// (What makes you treat me the way that you do)

Verse 1:
The truth hurts//
We tried to make it work//
But we walking different paths so it feels we gone never get beyond this track// (turn me loose)
Turn me loose please I?m turning over a new leaf//
I know you love me because I?m your seed//
Breath// (What makes you treat me the way that you do)
My heart pleads as it beats//
Seen what you had to offer//
Played the role of my father when nobody would bother//
When I was young you showed me the best and worst of the hustle//
And I can?t do nothing but love you//
Even though I want you to// (Turn me loose)
Turn me loose but please treat me as you treat your other peeps//
You?ve helped me in ways unimaginable//
Gave me the rock and taught me how to handle it without traveling//
Gave me the instinct of Michael or Magic// (Turn me loose)
To know when to shoot first or to pass it//
When to make s**t a laughing matter or tragic//
Told me Heaven get at it//
And don?t look back once you made it to where you been asking//
Hungry cause your stomach never been filled to the maximum// (What makes you treat me the way that you do)
Reach either through me or reach through the magnum//
I?m turning my back on you which leaves you a bastard//
I?ve been waiting for the day when you would ask me to turn you loose//
Held me under your wing till I reached my max potential//
Father now I?m ready so all I can do is ask you//
Can you please// (Turn me loose)

Lyrics Leon Producer Big Time Productions
Publisher Leon Performance Leon
Label Big Belly Records
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