Love Lives On

Story Behind The Song

This was written out of a sense of frustration with seeing so many now in the world clashing and fighting. The words that started coming remind us that the only thing that brings peace is unconditional love. It was also finished, dedicated to, and performed at my stepson Matt's memorial service in May 2015.

Song Description

A worthwhile song especially now with so much fighting and divisiveness in the world. Love is the only: solution, religion, answer, reason; our only hope for peace, meaning and love lives on for us all.

Song Length 3:47 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, Peaceful Subject Hope, Freedom
Similar Artists Celine Dion, Adele Language English
Era 2000 and later


Love Is
by DeDe Wedekind in Loving Memory of Matt Wedekind, Copyright May 2015
Piano played by Andrew Fromm

Love... is the only religion

So who am I to judge you,

And how can you judge me?

Love... is the only answer

Even mountains start to move,

When we have the courage to believe.

So why should we be worried,

Swept up in our beliefs

When there's so much strife and hurting,

And a world with so much need.

Love... is patient and giving

Love is always kind,

Especially when it's blind.

Love... is selfless and caring

It never fails right from the start,

To find the goodness in each heart.

So never be discouraged

It's a gift for us to choose,

'Cause love it really conquers all,

And it always finds the truth.

Love... is the only solution

The best ideas of today,

In time they too shall pass away...

Love... is the only reason

It brings the peace of hope,

And gives us strength we need to cope.

We overcome all selfish lies,

By loving like we should,

When we see world through other's eyes

We finally see the good...

Love gives everything meaning

In Heaven's greatest prize

Is where all real treasure lies.

Love.... is the end and the beginning

Perfect love it never dies, (2 measure instrumental)

Oh no,

But Love lives on.....

In every loving heart, and life.

Great tune DeDe! I thought the arrangement was excellent, your voice is spot on for a variety of genres. The piano and strings stood out the most for me. Me personally, I would prefer a little more bass. Very emotional song which is enhanced by your vocals and arrangement.
On your original topic of BJ I agree. I have two contracts that I signed, one exclusive from MusicXray, through Music of the Sea (Eddie Caldwell), BUT after a year and a half no placements and no virtually no responses to my emails.???
So, I kind of wonder how much is on the up & Up with them. On the other hand, I signed a non-exclusive contract with a co. in CA., no placements yet, But willing to listen to everything and always answers my calls and emails. What is keeping me from getting a placement is a Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peggy Lee similar sounds. I had two singers that are dragging their feet so I am still looking for the right person. I believe along with you that BJ is a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Lyrics DeDe Wedekind Music DeDe Wedekind
Producer Kevin DeClue Publisher Independent; Diva Prince
Performance DeDe Wedekind (*With Andrew Fromm on Piano) Label none
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