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Singer/Songwriter/multi-musician Kris Spofford spent most of his life heavily involved in music. Starting in his early years learning piano, he ventured on to be versed in drums, guitar, hand percussions and bass while all along being a singer and songwriter. His style of music has a range from country to rock to heavy metal. Music style has an 80's touch to it!! Though Kris produces and records a lot of his pieces by himself in his studio or with Jon Dean & Corey Martin, he is best know for his position as lead singer and guitarist for "Mindshot" a well know New England band. Some of Kris' work has been played on local radio stations along with the band Mindshots radio appearances and TV performance. Recently, Kris,Jon, and Corey have signed a one year record deal with Deka Records and are expected to release their album in the fall..

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Kris Spofford, Jon Dean and Corey Martin have just signed a record deal with Deka Records.Album is available now on Itunes Amazon and Napster,, links to purchase are located on Kris Spoffords Facebook..
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