New Dawn

Song Description

This song is an overview about "the end of the world" the new world order..

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene Subject Change
Language English Era 2000 and later


This world is heading for changes,and no one seems to care.
Like the mice, that run through the cages, They find the treat, they'll always head there,
with each turn an avenue never reached,
A pot of gold, a treasure that no one sees.
I'll take the chance, and tread where no ones been before,
Thats where you'll find me waiting for more...

A new dawn will come, an old world will see,
A child left staning in the field,
Some will rise, others will fall,
A new world order will conuer all,,

Watch the night, they'll come for your family, In the dark, where no one will ever see..
Quarentined, the sickness is the cure, Take us all, untill the world is pure,
Reinvent, the structures of goverment,
Fear the tide, searching for all dissent,
Capitulate, there is no other way,Is freedom dead, will it live again one day...

A new dawn will come, An old world will see, A child left standing in the field,
Some will rise, others will fall,
A new world order will conquer all,
Well walk through the ashes where the world used to be,,
Empires fall into the sea,,
the order will rise, and people will fall,
Search for the truth, the savior of all..

Paradiagms, shifting in every way,
Sea of strife, fell like I'm cast astray,
I walk alone, where no one dares to tread,
I rise above, or am I better off dead..

Lyrics Kris Spofford & Corey Martin Music Kris spofford & Corey Martin
Performance Corey Martin & Kris Spofford Label Deka Records

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