Fates Hand

Song Description

This is written about someone who has been told they will be something more in the next life,that the life we live in will soon change. who they are and the decisions they will make could change fate for all man..

Song Length 3:40 Genre Unique - General, Rock - General
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool Subject Evolution
Similar Artists Queensryche Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lyrics written by Kris Spofford
Melody written by Jon Dean

I've been told through wizards hands,
Things will change for me,
With each word an open door,
Through the threshold I'll see,

And the words of prophecy,
will come true in this land,
Will I find out the truth in me,
Guided by fates hand.

In the past lives told unto me,
I don't remember them at all,
But there's something inside of me,
Saying I've lived them all,

In the words of prophecy,
I'll stand facing the lamb,
Can I be what they need me to be,
Guided by fates hand...

With each breath, unlike before,
Now all a part of the plan,
The path I walk and the bridge I'm to build,
Could change fate for all man..

Religions will be challenged as the seas start to rise,
The earth begins cleansing our souls,
Fallen like the angles are the hopes to survive,
And the winds of fate are so cold...

Kingdoms once endowed by creations of man,
Built on faith, lust and greed,
Like chapters in a book, no page left but one,
And man like a child, not yet can read..

Lyrics Kris Spofford Music Jon Dean & Kris Spofford
Producer Kris Spofford Performance Kris Spofford & Jon Dean

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