Starting Today

Song Description

Song about having a dream and no one thinks you have what it takes to make it, and you decide not to listen and plan on going out and doing what ever it takes to make it..

Song Length 3:03 Genre Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant Similar Artists , Nickelback
Era 2000 and later


Don't think I have much to say,
Looks like we're gonna watch it drift away,
You're always calling me a fool.
Say I could never e more than just the lesser side of you

Gonna take it all in,
Gonna leave this spot,
Gonna make a place in the world,, ready or not,
And I'm starting out today,,,
Gonna leave this town,
Gonna bust my ass,
I'll sing in every bar room just to make some cash,,
And I'm starting out today,
Starting today

I'll leave her a note,
Say I'm sorry I had to go,
And not to worry you'll see me soon again,
Somewhere in the spot light,
Over and over again


Gonna stand much taller,
Gonna sing alot louder,
Gonna put away the sorrw till theres' nothing left to borrow,
Gonna roll with the punches,
Eat fast food lunches,
Work all night sleep all day,
Either way, I'm ok


Lyrics Kris Spofford Music Kris Spofford
Producer Kris Spofford Performance Kris Spofford

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