Song Description

This is about someone living in a world of darkness. Not sure who or why or even if they've chosen this path..

Song Length 4:57 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Heavy Metal
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Language English
Era 2000 and later


Written by Kris Spofford and Corey Martin
Performed by Mindshot

Woke up this morning to another day,
Just like the one before,
Darkened clouds that chase the sun away,
Seems its wanting more,
Like a fever spike, a sickness,
Without a cure,,,,
Consumes my body, tasks my soul to find,
The strenght to endure,

Darkness encompasses everything,
Is this the path that I have chose
With the evil comes a reckoning,
Blood is on my hands as my eyes close
Darkness encompasses everything,
The blade of pain that cuts me to the bone
With the evil comes a reckoning,
Threads in vein that I have sewn.

The life we're living so unforgiving,
Merciful you might say,
The shattered glass before me I walk across,
The pain guides my way,
Fortified to find the answers
To the questions never asked,
Mesmorized by an illusion,
Manifestation of ones past,,,


I've fallen in a void,
Can't seem to break free,
trapped inside my own mind,
Who am I to be,
With one small step I've taken,
A revery of revulsion,
I've lost the will to fight,
Before the fight has even begun,


Lyrics KrisSpofford & Corey Martin Music Mindshot
Performance Kris Spofford, Corey Martin, Jon Dean, Joey King, Wayne Johnston

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