Kevin Walker is a South Jersey songwriter in the Atlantic City area

Kevin Walker is a Songwriter in the Atlantic City, NJ area. Some of his older songs are listed with Red Lab and Boston Bay Records. 

He and producer Octavius Crowley are working on new songs every week! They recently recorded "Misled” featuring the amazing Patty Balbo, Make Me Crazy" and "Love With You" with the gifted Tyler James, “One and Done” with the talented Justin Wilkerson , and “First Kiss" and "Leave The Night On" with the brilliant vocalist Riley McEvoy. 

Kevin and co-writer Rick Dekarski wrote and recorded songs during the past few years. Their latest song "Crawling Back to You" featuring William "Bugzy" Boyer was released May 2022. 


Patty Balbo, Danny Eyer, and Tim Walker are some of the featured singers that have recorded Kevin’s songs. Many of his older songs were produced by Bob Kimmel!

Latest News

Recording new music at Octavious Crowley studios in Hammonton, NJ

Kevin Walker Bio

Kevin Walker a South Jersey songwriters music can be found at, or

He plans on recording new material in Spring/Summer 2020 With fellow songwriter Rick DeKarski
Kevin plays keyboards and credits musicians Rick Dekarski, Bob Kimmel, Danny Eyer, Patty Balbo and Tim Walker for their performances.

You can usually find Kevin presenting new songs to industry panels in NYC.

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