Top 10's - 26 trks in 28 genres

-run it up the pole - Electr
-dd's clique - Downbeat
-mistook for a wobbly - Dubstep
-fashionista - Dubstep, NC
-spy v. spy - NC, Unique Sntrks
-warping textures - Elec-Experim., NC
-zooey's red zinger - Rock-Modern
-lament for an e-bow - Prog Rock
-taiko razorblade - World Beat
-vertigo funkiteer - Downbeat
-west african dundunbe - World-Africa
-charmed - NC
-sophistos waltz - Jazz, Jazz-Mod, NC - a hat trick !
-bollyhood (w/cues) - Elec-Dance #1, NC
-dry ride - NC, North America, USA,Jazz-Lounge, Produc-Ballads
-garbo's circus - Elec-Dance #1, NC
-summit (orch vers) - Rock,Prog Rock,SEast,NC,Prod (mid-tempo)
-miles to madrid - Jazz, Lounge
-tibetan tangerine gods - Rock-Funk, NC
-kudu sun crater - World-Beat
-chin diggin' - Rock-Funk
-techicolor glacial flare - Unique, NC #1, Unique-Sndtrks, Male
-six-speed wigglestick - NC
-retro robo tribal pipe - NC
-bollyhood - World Beat
-metal headz - Heavy Metal
-Django redux - Jazz - Classic

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Thanks to all members who reviewed, commented & playlisted my music. It means a great deal to me.

The Legend Of MineHead

MineHead is the creation of yours truly, Earl A. Brackett. At age 8 I began playing trumpet in school band. I gave up the trumpet after experiencing headaches from playing and began snare drum/percussion. After 2 years of snare my mom bought my first kit, a Slingerland 5 piece. Taking private lessons from a local teacher/jazz musician, I was told that I was a natural and with application I could play professionally or teach someday. By age 13 my brother Kevin and I were playing cover songs by The Who, Led Zep, Aerosmith, Queen, etc. I gave up private lessons & focused on rock drumming. My first major influences were Keith Moon, Nick Mason and Neil Peart. In the following years I was heavily influenced by Phil Collins & to a lesser degree Bill Bruford, Stewart Copeland, Manu Katche, Barriemore Barlow, and Vinnie Colaiuta. By age 16 I was playing in a college punk band that covered The Police, Clash, and Ramones. On the strength of my interest in the music industry and bands that utilized the studio, like Pink Floyd, I went to The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH at age 20 and was certified as a Recording Engineer. I returned home & found little opportunity for studio employment, unless you opened your own studio. I took a break from playing in bands and earned a degree in Electronic Engineering and started working as a programmer and then in software development. After a decade with one company I branched out as a "consultant" and worked for IBM, Wachovia, and Vanity Fair. In the late 90's I bought my first Strat & started to learn the guitar. As home recording went digital I started putting together a small studio and made my first recordings, featuring drum machines & synths. By 2003 I had started working with Acid Loops. They were a starting point for me. I was still mainly "a drummer", trying to create my own tracks with loops while adding my own ideas on top of the looped material...percussion & string ensembles cost BIG $$, loops are relatively cheap. A few years later, after adding a Roland XP-60 and an EMU PK-6 to my stable, my first tracks were posted on Broadjam in 2003 and I began hitting Top 10 charts consistently with most of the songs that I was writing. Then tragedy struck my family, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and I put music on hold. She sacrificed everything to raise me & my brother, she played piano when she was young, and picked it back up when my brother & I were learning one time we were all taking lessons from my childhood teacher and playing as a trio in our living room...she gave everything to help us realize our dreams. She died in 2004. The next project that I would work on would be a documentary film that I fell into, a long story, but the finished product is available on DVD and a preview is on YouTube (see link on front page). That took a full year off & on and features my earliest tracks that charted on Broadjam. So, I then focused on switching to Electronic Drums, first DDRUM then Roland V-Drums. The dynamics and the playability had gotten to the point that I had no reservations about recording them straight in. I had tons of great sounds that opened up the creativity that a 5- piece acoustic kit could never deliver. And great drum sounds cost HUGE money, I had to go electronic to get the quality that I desired. In 2009, after getting years of guitar, keyboards and bass behind me, I started recording with new purpose. My goal was to post a new song every week until I hit my physical limit on BJ. I put everything into each track, all of my musical experience, all of my technical know-how and what I've learned in the studio and with bands. The music can be dense or sparse, up or down-tempo, lo-fi to grandiose. I'm using everything at my disposal to create music that is interesting to listen to and that reflects my interests as a musician. I hope you enjoy it, there's a little something in there for everyone.


over 30 days ago to MineHead

Hello ,i am Hazel Parker from united states of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart. i just went through your profile today on this site then i pick interest in you and i will like us to know each other more to establish a good relationship and please try to write me at ( then i send you my pictures then introduce myself more better to you ok, thanks.

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over 30 days ago

I certainly will !

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
over 30 days ago to MineHead

Hey guys I apologize, I did a review on your song and really liked in but by mistake I hit the 1 out of 5 for 'lyric' and 'vocal pitch' instead of 'NA'. I am sorry if you want I can write to Roy and see if bj can revise the score. Let me know, Dave

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Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
over 30 days ago

I feel bad, your score should be better on my review. 36 out of 40 not 38 out of 50. I'm so sorry brother.

over 30 days ago

it's up to you, that track has been up for years, it made some Top 10's & Bacardi actually licensed it, so it's up to you, not a big deal. great comments !

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
over 30 days ago

Cool... I wrote to bj last night and by this morning I got an email stating that they fixed the scoring. We good.

Charles Valona
over 30 days ago to MineHead

Nice tune with a multitude of mood swings, cheery and suspenseful come to mind.

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