Copa plays 'gospel cigar rock'--music that pits the ideals of the gospel-led life against the waves of temptation, addiction, and desparation that inevitebly present themselves as an obstacle to any devoted seeker of God and of love. Copa prides itself on its studio work and its appreciation for Cuban cigars, guayavera shirts, MG's, dirty tube-toned guitars, dynamic songwork, and the colors of brown and red. Behind the music of Copa's 'gospel cigar rock' are five men driven to shed the skin of self-absorption with hopes to bring listeners to a place where they ask, "am I understood?" and answer to themselves, "I am. Yo quiero mas Copa!"

Copa was formed in 2002 from the ashes of the late Rory Patrick Paisley (search iTunes). Prior band creations starring members of Copa include: Human Resource Foundation (1997-98), Kill Devil Hills (1998-2001), Knifefight (2002-2006), Rory Patrick Paisley (1999-2001), Ben Davis Project (2001-current).

Latest News

Copa is hatching "The Copa Club" this spring-72 minutes of Gospel Cigar Rock recorded at venues in Nashville, Tn. It is the most excitingly raw music that you will encounter this year, and is best when applied to a good workout.

Copa Biographies

Current members of Copa are:

Travis "Bulldog" Walker on drums: Travis has is an original member of Copa and earned his title as "Bulldog" by working tremendously long hours for a lighting company in Nashville, where he often scales truss wearing a skimpy harness and accepting dollar bill donations from female Neil Diamond fanclub members. He is fearless and diligent, and he loves polka, too. No joke.

Matt "Mad" Manix on bass: Matt became the obvious solution to add to the gospel cigar starship because of his great attention to detail and feel as both an engineeer and as a superlative bass guitar player. Matt used to live in Mississippi, but his old house was destroyed by hurricane Katrina. His entire family has relocated to middle Tennessee.

Brady Keeling on electric guitar and keys: Brady was Matt's roommate in college. His list of interests include sound engineering, film engineering, ministry to Africa, and collecting kitschy guitars. He has an acute ability for completing Copa songs with taste and finesse, bringing an enlivening british flavor to Copa's "gospel cigar" music.

Rory White on guitars and vocals: Rory runs in-school suspension at a middle school and is a photographer. Check out

Tyler Cook on guitars and background vocals: Tyler engineered Copa's "Flesh and Bone" and brings his extraordinarily well-crafted guitar work to the gospel cigar. Tyler works as an audio engineer in Nashville and plays guitar in town as a hired gun.

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