Copa's eclectic, heartfelt rock album that established the gosel cigar rock sound. The musical odyssey kicks off with the hyperactive neo-rockabilly song ("Hotlights") and immediately feeds into the deep disco atmosphere of "Down at the Ground" and the sea-faring "Ship on the Ocean." "Lonely People" is rendered as a delightful, pedal-steel driven ballad and stands out as Copa's most sensitive song in the set. The powerful "Hey Hey Hey" laments the loss of a miscarried baby and "You Never Talk to Me" is a solemn self-indictment of the singer that brings the Hotlights odyssey to a sober, but optimistic, end. Recorded by Jon Brawner. Recommended if you would like something different, but couldn't get enough of the early Police and Coldplay recordings

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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