Half-Broken Heart

Story Behind The Song

Man who has been hurt in the past is letting go of his fears and healing again because of an amazing woman. It's also an homage to my wife Beth, who healed MY half-broken heart :)

Song Length 3:00 Genre Folk - Americana, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, On Cloud Nine Subject Happiness, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz Language English
Era 2000 and later


Been through a lot in this life of mine,
Been up, down & in-between.
Gambled & lost a lot in love,
Been ripped up...at the seams.

And then just when I'd given up,
You came right out of nowhere.
The hurt that I'd felt in the past,
It all just suddenly disappeared.

Well, I may not know alotta things,
But the one I know is true,
Is that my half-broken heart, is healing because of you.
Yeah, my half-broken heart is healing because of you

When it rains, you're my umbrella,
I'm always the happiest fella.
On hot days, you're my breeze, even carved our names into a tree.
I hope you understand just what I mean.

Well, I may not know alotta things,
But the one I know is true,
Is that my half-broken heart, is healing because of you
Yeah, my half-broken heart is healing because of you.

You make...me smile,
Feels like a million butterflies inside, One little laugh gets me laughing too.
& the blue sky's even brighter, when I'm standing next to you.

Well, I may not know alotta things,
But the one I know is true,
Is that my half-broken heart, is healing because of you.
Yeah, my half-broken heart is healing because of you.
Yeah, my half-broken heart is healing because of you.

Nice clear vocal. Song moves along well, adding dynamically as it goes giving it a good drive. This one has a very current sound. Nice job.

Catchy well crafted song arranged and performed wonderfully.

A positive song, unbelievable. Off coarse I drank the poison now.(Princes Bride)

Sometimes you find a song on Broadjam that really hits the spot......this is it......great work.....just loved this......doesn't take itself too seriously and is well written and produced.......hope this goes a long way.....just love those ukelele/mandolin songs......

Lyrics Crosseyed Miles-(Greg Polmateer) Music Crosseyed Miles-(Greg Polmateer)
Producer Sam Polizzi Performance Crosseyed Miles-(Greg Polmateer), Johnny Cummings, Sam Polizzi
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