I love creating music and found a niche composing instrumentals for sync licensing opportunities. I like writing in a variety of genres, mostly favoring unique electronic, modern hybrid, and neo-classical styles.

It's been humbly satisfying that some of my work was chosen to be used in "Housewives of New York City", "Secret FBI Files", CNBC's "American Greed", ID Discovery's "Love Kills" and "Reasonable Doubt", "Disappearance of Natalie Holloway", as well as a variety of shows and films produced and played in Canada, Norway, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, and Romania.

I'm hooked. No doubt.

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A complete library of Yuri's tracks that are available for sync licensing can be searched at https://library.yurikusina.com
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Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago to Yuri

Hey Yuri,

Yes, that was me in the call with Barry.... I am so glad to see your successes. We have the same goals, but I have yet to crack the nut.. Hope it happens soon...

Best to you and keep up the great work.

Chet Nichols

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over 30 days ago

It's a long road, Chet. I had some success in the past with Dean Anderson, alias Hans Bolex on Broadjam, who mentored me to fit some hot music library leads. I'm on my own for a few years now and have trouble getting consistent results. But, I keep trying because it's fun. What I've learned is:

1. The work has to be stellar and you have to meet their criteria exactly (i.e., subject, style, instruments, mood, track length, etc.)
2. You have to hook them within the first 10 seconds of the song or they just move on to the next submission.
3. People succeed in making some kind of living out of this business after 5 to 10 years of submitting hundreds of tracks a year. You have to keep searching for opportunities, learning, writing and submitting, not looking back and waiting for results.

Barry's business model might work well for you and I wish you luck. Just remember that he's fulfilling all kinds of different needs. I think that you should also find music libraries that specifically represent your line of work if there are any. I made the mistake once of giving exclusive rights for dramatic and tense instrumental tracks to a music library that specializes in R&B. Those tracks have been just sitting there. Lesson learned.

Keep chugging!


Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago

Spot on!

Thanks, Chet

PS No, exclusive rights to anyone... period. Unless, they get a nice placement..... I have only signed ONE song to an exclusive deal...and the guy disappeared, totally. Now, what? Ha!

Hi Yuri,
Thanks so much for the review of my song "One Red Rose Interlude". As the title alludes to, this is a segment from a longer song that I have a couple version of on my Broadjam page. Those versions had lyrics and are in a more "Pop-like" genre.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen and provide positive and useful feedback.

I'll check out some of your music soon.

Thanks and be well,

Kevin Winkel
over 30 days ago to Yuri

Thanks Yuri for listening and showing appreciation for the music I assemble. Always glad to have more music friends!

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