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My name is Bob Levoy, and I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and music and concert reviewer. I have written over 3500 reviews since the 1980s for my blog Oasis Entertainment and for independent record labels, PR firms, festivals, venues and bands. I write reviews for all genres, except for hip hop, which is not my cup of tea. In addition to all the independent labels and artists that I have been writing reviews for, I am currently an Author on Staff at Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine, a subsidiary of Virtuosity Worldwide LLC. I write music reviews and do concert and festival interviews and reviews for their magazine. I would also be interested in reviewing your band's music and reviewing your live performance if you are ever in my area. I do not ask for payment for my reviews, I only ask for either a signed Vinyl or CD and an X-large t-shirt that I wear to promote the bands.

Bob Levoy



OasisEntertainment posted 4 days ago to OasisEntertainment

After a fourteen hour drive to buy our new home, the seller did not show up...so we had to rent in mean time....new address is Bob Levoy
Oasis Entertainment Blog
1108 Mohican Trail
Mulberry, Florida 33860

OasisEntertainment posted 2 weeks ago to OasisEntertainment

Today we close on this house we are selling and Monday we close on our new home in Florida. For those that have asked for reviews, I have not forgotten you. I will continue reviews after we get moved to Florida and get settled. Thank you so much for your patience. New contact email will be Oasisentertainmentblog@gmail.com

StarburstRecords posted 3 weeks ago to OasisEntertainment

Hi Bob. Hope all is well and that your move is going smoothly. Say, Bob, I want to alert you that someone using your email address scammed me out of $500 this past Saturday. It appears that your email address has been hacked and that you should warn all those on your email list to be cautious in responding to emails using your email address and pretending to be you. I've now written to you several times about this but have not heard back from you. I'd really appreciate it if you would respond. Thanks, Jay

OasisEntertainment posted 3 weeks ago

i found that out and i changed my password and got it taken care of ....i even got one of the emails myself...lol]

StarburstRecords posted 3 weeks ago

Well, Bob, you may think this is funny and make light of it, but i do not consider it a joke. The fact that you ignored my emails to me for days and days, never responded until i posted public comment, and still have shown zero empathy over one of your friends getting defrauded by a hacker using your email address and pretending to be you raises deep concerns in my mind about your behavior and lack of response to being notified this has happened. I do not consider this an "lol" matter.

OasisEntertainment posted 3 weeks ago

my emails was having problems the past few days. i finally got my cable company to fix it

OasisEntertainment posted 3 weeks ago

i wasnt thinking it was funny....i did a post as soon as i was notified. the only thing funny is when one was sent to myself.

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