HELLPIE is a delicious blend of musical spices with savory chunks of rock, metal and punk in a bitter red sauce baked within an earthy herbal crust. Goes well with red, white or thunderbird wine. In fact most ales, spirits and frames of mind go well with HELLPIE. Above all, HELLPIE is about good times and delivering good tunes to our hungry fans.


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Music overtakes life with this alternative metal trio from the DC area. Hellhounds running through a mental brainstorm of musical mayhem. Writing styles reflect diversity in musical tastes along with playing styles that are incomparable to today\'s cookie cutter popular rock. It is your own self interpritation of HELLPIE, that defines HELLPIE.

Eddie Simpson - Lead Vocals / Guitars
Dan Prewitt - Bass / Backing vocals
Steve Bones McKay - Drums / Backing vocals

HELLPIE formed in 2009 and baked a three song promo CD in February 2010 from OBLIVION Studio. HELLPIE is currently self producing a full length CD slated for release in the Fall of 2010. HELLPIE.COM

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