From the depths, burning with grit and grandeur, comes Helliphant! Powerful, evil and insane, Helliphant stomps toward you, flames billowing after him and tusks glistening with the blood of countless souls. Helliphant is dangerous; Helliphant is sinister; Helliphant is here.

This is heavy rock, played balls out, with riffs that burn, surf-tinged solos that ignite the room, vocals born of fire and a rhythm section that smolders with the flames of doom's demonic drive. This raging Helliphant has no mercy. It destroys and conquers, stomping into your town with a rage in its heart and the stench of brimstone and pain belching from its gullet. This is not your mamas Helliphant!

Deacon Dr. Joe Schmoove, with his sermons of pain and animal pride, leads the freakiest stoner behemoth this town has ever seen. Trick Magnet J. Rock's terrifying guitar storm clashes with the grit and grime of Papa T. Jazz's fiendishly gory organ onslaught. The manic and psychopathically stylized low frequency
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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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