Michael Behm is a man with a mission.

His goal is to create well-crafted, accessible, and emotionally convincing songs in a wide range of genres and for a real diversity of artists and settings. He is fulfilling this ambition in great style, drawing upon his deep reservoir of experience in just about every aspect of the music business.

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Of late, Behm has been channeling most of his creative energies into songwriting and production. He travels the world to co-write and produce tracks with a large stable of collaborators, most of whom are international hit-makers. His seven solo records have generated millions of internet plays around the world.

Michael Behm "The Business Of Mu

To call Michael Behm a music industry renaissance man is actually something of an understatement. As an artist, he's equally comfortable working under the spotlight or behind the scenes or in a studio, while he has found significant success as an entrepreneur in many different facets of the music business.
Twelve years of touring through North America have established Behm as a compelling live performer. To a rapidly growing number of fans around the globe, he is best known as a singer/songwriter of real melodic and lyrical intelligence. His versatile take on pop-rock has been showcased on seven albums, including 2008's acclaimed Saving America and 2011 "Eargasm".
Through 2009-2011, Behm has released a series of meticulously-crafted singles that have generated serious traffic on internet radio stations and music websites. Total plays of Behm tunes on numberonemusic.com now stand at 1.9 million, while 19 songs on the popular Jango site have notched 442,097 plays. Such singles as "If I Could Learn To Fly", "Love's Like Numbers," and now "Where I Belong" have topped charts in Australia and Canada on such sites as mp3.au.com and Reverb Nation.
As a music business entrepreneur, Behm's credentials are equally solid. He formed a sound company "Premier Productions" in the 1990s that provided live sound and lighting to 22 music clubs in Canada. He owned five successful live venues / clubs, including three in the Caribbean, and he still owns and operates popular Vancouver Island music club, Voodoo Lounge. He has promoted over 150 concerts, including such major-name acts as Nazareth, Nickelback and Default.
Behm's first recording studio, Premier Studios, located in Vancouver, hosted recording artists from the U.S., U.K., and Europe, Australia and Japan while his current home studio, right on the ocean in Qualicum, British Columbia, is recognized as a true state of the art facility. Michael also is home at top-notch Vancouver studios The Warehouse, Mushroom, The Armoury, Oceanway Nashville, Blackbird Studios and, working closely with such highly-regarded engineers as Mills, Logan (Toby Keith Collective Soul), Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica), Delwyn Brooks, Brian Gardner, Hank Williams, Bernie Grundman, Jeff Dawson and Ray Harvey
On the songwriting front, Behm's talent has been recognized by songwriting guru Ralph Murphy (Crystal Gayle, Ronnie Milsap, Cliff Richards). A recent Murphy-Behm co-write, the gently pensive pop song "Where I Belong," has quickly become a fan favourite. Behm and veteran songsmith Ron Irving recently collaborated on "It's My Time," a track that is now on hold with American Idol for one of the winners. "Hey You" with 17 year old Kate Morgan and Ron Irving released in Latin America through (Universal Mexico).

Michael Behm's versatility as a songwriter, producer has certainly brought him attention in the world of music publishing. He has published hundreds of songs in the last two years, and highly notable movie and TV sync placements are virtually happening each day,with such networks as MTV and Comcast. Thanks to a collaboration with affiliates in the UK, U.S. and Australia, Behm songs have been played in 20011 on Bravo "Flipping Out", TLC "I didn't Know I was Pregnant", MTV (UK) "Moving In", MTV "I Use To Be Fat", Discovery "Track Me If You Can", Food Network "The Best Thing I Ever Eat", Oxygen The Bad Girls Club" two episodes, CBS "Let's Make A Deal", Food Network "Ace Of Cakes", TV Guild American Idol Rewind 12 plays, Fox, E "The Spin Crowd, Travel Channel, MTV (UK), AMTV, NDR Fluch der Ostsee, E "The Spin Crowd" Speed Network "NASCAR", a Behm co production track, 'Living In The Moment," will be featured in upcoming Disney feature A Fairy Tale. He was also recently commissioned to provide four authentic sounding ACDC songs for the soundtrack to a film biography of AC/DC singer Bon Scott.

Michael Behm "Eargasm" 2010" Rel


If Michael Behm was any more rounded as an artist and music entrepreneur, he would bounce! The Vancouver Island-based Behm really can do (and has done) it all. He has run successful live venues and nightclubs in Canada and the Caribbean, founded one of Canada's major sound and lighting companies, Premier Productions, promoted concerts by such major acts as Nickelback and Nazareth, and hosted international recording artists in studios he has owned.

In recent years, he has focused most of his boundless energies on creating music, as a singer/songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. A highly prolific writer and producer of music, he estimates he has completed more than 100 compositions over the past year. These range from instrumental tracks destined for use in film and television to songs that are being used by artists in genres as varied as country, hard rock and r 'n b.

Behm compositions can be heard daily on outlets ranging from The Speed Network to The Food Channel. They have been licensed in large numbers to MTV and Comcast (a major producer of U.S. TV shows), and his songs have recently been placed on Let's Make A Deal and American Idol and created for an Australian TV documentary on the life of AC/DC singer Bon Scott.

Then there are the tunes written with Michael Behm, recording artist, in mind. In recent years, these have received a phenomenal amount of online exposure. Plays on numberonemusic now tally 1.97 million, with Jango registering 391,088 plays and 8,059 fans in the last six months alone.

Behm keeps adding new weapons to his already formidable songwriting arsenal. He has been co-writing with some of the best and most experience tunesmiths in the business, including Ron Irving and Ralph Murphy. The fruits of those collaborations can be tasted on Eargasm, a compelling collection of the very best of his recent material.

Michael's reputation amongst his peers is such that he can call upon A-list producers, songwriters and musicians all around the globe to work on his projects. His new single, "Bad To Good To Great" is a striking example of this, as Michael explains. "It's a co-
write with an L.A.-based songwriter I met there, Alexander Adhami. He writes a lot of film scores, and we wrote the song together via Skype. Alex played some piano, cello and guitar, while I played acoustic guitar. I had the strings scored by Christian Howes at Berklee, slide by Bruce Bouton in Nashville, and there's some backwards guitar by U.K. guitarist Steve Morris. That song has elements from three different countries and five different studios. "We do what it takes to get the track right."

All involved certainly did get it right. "Bad To Good To Great" is a melodic power pop ballad augmented by subtly Beatlesque production touches and playful lyrics ("in your red V-neck sweater you had me right there, we had to be together").

Eargasm is packed full of such gems. The filler-free album includes such recent fan favourites as "Love's Like Numbers," the ecologically- inspired "The Remaining Go," "Modern Day Tragedy" and "Where I Belong," alongside brand new tracks sure to catch the ear. As a vocalist and songwriter, Behm is equally convincing on sweetly melodic tunes like "On Your Birthday" and the heartfelt "Those Things You Say When It's Over" and the more aggressive big rock sounds of "It's My Time" and "To Be Cliché."

This is a record any lover of well-crafted, melodic and passionate pop music should have in their collection.

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