The Cornerstoners are a Miami Based Hip-Hop Fusion band fusing Jazz,R&B,and Rock.The group is fronted by Hip-Hop emcee Michelangelo and Female Jazz vocal sensation Lai-Si.
Lyrically The Cornerstoners promote global love,peace,understanding,and spirituality through the art of music.A universal concept every person of this planet can grasp.


The Cornerstone was one of the most unique experimental art venues in Miami. Near a corner of Wynwood 2013 N. Miami Ave, the open mic nights were home to the city's craziest and beautiful artistic hipsters. The culture of love and art was the soul of the parties and every "cornerstoner" who came experienced some of the best poets and musicians in a intimate setting that was at the time un-heard of and still absent in the city of Miami. The story of the band The Cornerstoners is a story of artists that came together at the time of the venues heartfelt closing in 2007 and decided to continue to keep the name alive. Important artists from the birth of the band until now have played key roles in the production of the project and have all served a purpose in finding a Hip-Hop fusion sound that is distinct and enjoyed by many fusing Hip-Hop with R&B,Jazz,and Rock......Now that all the technical stuff is outta the way we are a young and very eager hardworking band. Our name gets around even more than we do but the reputation does not exceed itself. Come check out one of our Live shows and let that serve as proof!

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