The best Rock 'N' Roll since AC/DC and Motley Crue. This is the real deal!

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The new record "Sleazy Rider" out July 3rd!!!

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Give 'Er Hell is simply "Beer soaked Rock 'N' Roll". A band flaunting Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N' Roll is nothing new, however it is a breath of fresh air in today's music scene, and Give 'Er Hell is the kick in the balls that new music needs. This is proved by the sea of pumping fists and raised glasses seen at these boys' shows. Give 'Er Hell takes the old Rock attitude and swagger, mixes it with the some of the catchiest riffs heard in a decade, and produces one of the best live shows to be scene.

Give 'Er Hell is Scottie Seibert (Vocals), Buck Dubs (Guitar, Vocals), Chris Dunsmoor (Guitar), Chris Beier (Bass), and Tobi Wallace (Drums). Formed in 2006 as a side project to Scott and Bucks band Augustine, Give 'Er Hell quickly took priority due to the tremendous and sudden response the band received. The boys are releasing their first full length record titled "Sleazy Rider" this spring.

"These boys are like the bastard child of Pantera and Motley Crue. Its riff-driven rock soaked in whiskey and enough attitude and grit that audience members crave a shower after a show"
Josh Johnson, The Rocky Mountain Chronicle

Give 'Er Hell has played and toured with: L.A. Guns, Rise Against, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Grace Gale, I am the Ocean, Clifton, Dirty Sweet, Love Me Destroyer, The Blackout Pact, LoveHateHero, June, The Forecast, Lydia, Signal to Noise, The Jonbenet, Photo Atlas, Black Pegasus, Tickle Me Pink, and Drag The River.

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Management phone numbers: 970-310-7160, 970-690-3585
Publishing: Buck Dubs Rock (ASCAP)

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