Music is the most profound expression of shared human experience. At times of joy, at times of great sadness, when we seek solace or refuge, when we seek to share happiness and love, we can do this through music.

Betsy Foster is a composer of insightful melodic works that tie rich harmony to a passionate expression of a human soul. Betsy studied music from an early age, culminating in her graduation from Longwood College in Virginia with a degree in Piano Performance. Sidetracked for many years in a legal career, Betsy began a renewed love affair with musical composition following a debilitating illness.

Passion is the force behind her music, evident in the power of the emotion experienced through her compositions. Betsy is fortunate in a unique skill that allows her to compose in response to her own feelings and to maintain relevance for the listener, so that they too can feel the impact of her expression.

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