The Highlands

Story Behind The Song

Last year, my husband and I had a particularly unpleasant fight. Nothing physical, mind you, but words were slung like arrows and they made deep wounds. As usual, I find my solace in music, so during the wee hours of the night after Mark had gone to bed, I sat down at the piano and wrote 'The Highlands.' In fact, I stayed up all night to write it! My husband woke up the next morning and came in to the study/music room to find me still working on it. We've laughed about it since, saying that if I ever hope to write heavy music like this again, he's going to have to pick another horrendous fight with me! :-)

Song Description

The haunting Celtic lilt of the pennywhistle transports the audience above the frantic pace of the day and into the highlands of our own imagining. Described by critics as haunting and lyrical, the composition is perhaps the best loved by Betsy Foster fans. The opening pennywhistle chords are ghostly, and are soon joined in their melody by a rich harmonic combination of instruments and voice that are highly evocative.

Song Length 3:35 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Moving
Music Betsy Foster, composer Producer Denny Martin Music
Publisher independent Performance John Mock: pennywhistle, Irish concertina
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Clean Clean

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