Loving You (instrumental)

Story Behind The Song

The instrumental version of 'Loving You' came about by necessity: brides needed musical accompaniment for their own vocalists to perform the song. Originally composed in 1982.

Song Description

This orchestral version of Betsy's acclaimed love ballad is a beautifully balanced rendition that in itself is expressive and moving. It manages to bridge musical genres, and would fit in beside Pachelbel as easily as John Denver in a play list. Violin and flute dominate the melody, creating depth and warmth above the deeper piano and guitar harmony. For those who have heard the song, "Loving You," this orchestral version is a must, and it would certainly be an excellent companion piece for reflection if the ballad was used at a wedding or other celebration of love. "Loving You" was composed by Betsy Foster nearly 20 years ago, and it has proven to be an enduring favorite with friends and with strangers. The orchestral arrangements used by Betsy for this version work very well, and in fact provide a genuine enhancement of the composition, taking it beyond the status of a ballad and into the realm of an adagio. It is easy to sense from this piece the divine inspiration behind Betsy Foster's art.

Song Length 2:52 Genre Classical - Romantic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Peaceful, Serene
Music Betsy Foster, composer Producer Denny Martin Music
Publisher independent
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Clean Clean

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