Calico Fever are a 4 piece band comprising of 2 guitars, drums, bass and vocals. They currently have one album out on EC Productions entitled 'Being There'. The bands music is a fusion of gritty rock with an ingredient of country stirred in. See News Release under 'TEXT' for more info.



News Release

Calico Fever were formed in 2002 with the line up being Graham ‘Clint’ Rodgers on vocals and guitar, Pete Hiley on lead guitar, Pete Corbett on drums, and Phil Staniland on bass guitar.

All members have a chequered past – Pete Hiley formerly in Mirror Crack’d and currently in established Sheffield band ‘Boy On A Dolphin’; Graham Rodgers formerly in The Tremmers, Midnight, and a large involvement in studio projects; Pete Corbett also formerly in The Tremmers and involvement in theatre work; and Phil Staniland also formerly in Mirror Crack’d, Astrids and a large involvement in various studio projects.

The band originally began as a ‘fun project’ with the intention of doing cover songs in order to play support gigs for name artists at venues such as ‘The Boardwalk’. However in the early stages of Calico Fever not many covers were learned and the project soon turned into a songwriting venture while still maintaining the ‘fun’ aspect of it. Before long the band set about recording an album ‘Being There’ at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield where the band currently rehearse. The album was recorded by Robin Downe commencing in October 2002 with intermittent sessions during 2003.

Collectively the members of Calico Fever combine a various and eclectic range of influences. What results from this fusion of influences is simply a brand of gritty good time rock with an ingredient of country and blues, and with some of the more diverse influences arising from time to time.

The band have only done a handful of gigs – all well received, and are working on new material while honing their live set. They played a sell out concert at Sheffield’s Boardwalk music venue during the Christmas period last year which was totally unadvertised.

The album ‘Being There’ has also been well received both critically and publicly.

Musically the band appeal to a wide range of people both conscious and unconscious.

As quoted on the album sleeve they play all the correct notes but not necessarily in the right order.

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