Being There

Song Length 6:54 Genre Rock - General, Country - Rock


Being There

When I think of all those years
And the laughter and the tears
And the ups and downs and things that we?ve been through
Makes me smile, makes me sad
Makes me thankful that I have
All these memories that I can share with you

Well I know you?re having hard times
But I?ll help you see them through
There?s nothing in the world I wouldn?t do
When you think that you can?t take it
And it feels like it?s the end
Just remember that I?m here for you
my friend

Once I thought that all was lost
And that all my bridges crossed
Had been burned down to the ground
with no way back
And the people I held dear
All began to disappear
I guess I lost them somewhere down
the track

Well you know I?ve had some hard times
But you helped me see them through
You did as much as anyone could do
And when I thought I couldn?t take it
And I thought it was the end
I remember you were there for me my friend

Life can be so hard, so hard to bear
But if you need me
I?ll be there, yes I'll be there

Well you know we've had some hard times
But we helped each other through
You watched my back and I watched over you
When we thought we wouldn't make it
And we thought it was the end
You were there for me
I was there for you my friend

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Clean Clean

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