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He?s dangerous, and he knows it?s true
He?s a beast walkin? down your street and he?s lookin? for you
He?s dangerous and he knows it well
But the Doc just sent him away with a packet of pills

Oh, his mind is screaming
Red lights no sound
Yes he?s dangerous
So dangerous

First night, she walks alone so cold in
the darkness
Oh, she needs the cash
Tight clothes, back alley girl no talkin?
just whispers
Oh, it?s all so sad

Yes he?s dangerous like a blinding light
She?ll be the moth that burns tonight on her virgin flight
Yes? he?s dangerous with an angel?s face
He?s got the Devil inside his soul, yes he?s fallen from grace

Oh, the moon is rising
He?s closing in
Cos? he?s dangerous
So dangerous

Oh, now he smells her hair, her skin
and her perfume
Oh, it?s awful cheap
He?s gone, he's gone as wrong as
anyone can go
Oh, he?s goin? deep

Yes he?s dangerous
He's so dangerous


Oh, his hands are shaking
His works complete
Yes he?s dangerous
So dangerous

Steel dawn, she?s lying still so cold in
the gutter
Oh, eyes open wide
He?s home, he can't recall the walk he
took last night
Oh, must take those pills
Mm, those lovely pills

Yes he?s dangerous
So dangerous x4

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Clean Clean

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