Riding Easy

Song Length 4:33 Genre Country - General, Country - Rock


Riding Easy

As I drove out of town the other day
Passing by your house along the way
I guess I should have called by just to say
So long, I?m moving on

But I did not want to see you cry
You know I?ve never been good at goodbye
And you?d have wanted me to give it one more try
But I?m gone, I?m moving on

I guess we took this thing we had as far
as it would go
But now it?s time to hit the open road

So I?m riding easy in my motor in the sun
Yes I?m riding easy on my own
There?s no-one to please except this motor that I run
Yes I?m riding easy on my own

I've stayed around this town for far
too long
Just letting every day just cruise along
But I know that there is something
further on
Down that road, down that road

I guess I?ve always wondered
What lies beyond that hill
And if I don?t go now I never will


You know I'll always think of you wherever this road goes
Maybe I'll come back this way,
who knows

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Clean Clean

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