21 & a young gun

Song Length 3:27 Genre Country - General


21 and a Young Gun

I?ve only known her a short while
I guess it?s a year or so
But I?ve gotten used to that sweet smile
That I?m gonna miss when she goes

?Cause she?s 21 and she's a young gun
She?s got places to go
She?s 21 and she's a young gun
And I?ll miss her so

A smile that?s as bright as the sunshine
And a skin that?s as soft as the snow
A temper that?s like a volcano
You?d better watch out when she blows


She likes the songs that make her cry
But you?ll never see her with tears in
her eyes
?Cause she hides them away, yeah she?s
one of the guys
But I see the softness inside


She?s one in a million, she?s second to none
But I rate my chances a million to one
?Cause she?s like a wild horse, she gets scared and she runs
Whenever the truth comes along

Soon she is gonna be leaving
Ridin' off into the sun
If ever she needs a companion
I?d like to ride shotgun

Chorus...and I love her so...but she knows

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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