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On a day when your dreams rot through to the core
Time seems to be draggin? now there?s no joy
Your wheels positively turning
Your speeding while I?m still learning
And the West is calling for me

I?m crushed by the weight again
I?m hounded by the beast again
You're taking every pawn in sight
I?m playing on the losing side
But could I be wrong again
Could I be strong again
Could I be wrong again
Could I be................wrong?

She takes what she likes, in her
eyes it?s all free
Sends out a red light to stop when running at speed
The light seems to catch her essence
But hides a seductive presence
Still the West is calling for me


I'm adoring night is falling
Eyes are open wide
So hard walking when you're crawling
She takes it in her stride


Cars crash and the sound is sheltered
By a night that?s so disenchanted
Night tracks cut the sand so deep

ChorusEveryday Without You

Well I don?t know how it ever got this far
No I don?t know how I ever lost your heart
But I do know that I miss you every day

I lie here in this dark and lonely room
Just the light from my TV to fill the gloom
And all night long I only think of you
Think of you

In the morning another day is dawning
without you
In the evening I get this empty feeling
and it cuts right through

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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