Joy Helena Solomon

Joy Helena Solomon

I am a mature London based lyricist who creates the words, melody and vision for songs and works in partnership with an excellent American producer and singer (who I employ so that I maintain 100% copyright) and together we make wonderful music. My songs are both contemporary and have a retro flavour the first two are personal and emotional 'Companionship' about my life with my partner and 'The Art of Communication" about how young children acquire language. Then there is a children's song 'Mini Beast Bop' and two more generic songs 'Love Triangles' and 'Out of this World'. They all have instrumental versions. The genre 's vary from pop to country or bluegrass, whatever suits the lyrics. I have had a number of good reviews but would welcome more! I now also have topical songs like 'The Climate Race' and there is other interesting material in the pipeline! check out my website

Sounds Like: Shania Twain, Leann Rimes

Latest News

I am showcasing my songs to Music Supervisors 1 -1 a good way to go as I am personally shy and not a performer in any way. The feedback and reviews of my songs have been really great so onwards and upward. My music is being played on Bree Noble's Women of Substance podcast


I enjoyed "Climate Race" really nice production and your presentation allows for a commercial artist with an imagination, plenty of room to move.

Nice work, thanks for posting it

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Joy Helena Solomon
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much!

Joy Helena Solomon
over 30 days ago

I just listened to one of your songs on Women of Substance, great voice! I have some songs on that podcast. I'd be happy for you to sing my songs. Joy

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Joy Helena Solomon

Thank you Joy for the stars and HAPPY new year!

My song 'Save Each Other' is on the Women of Substance podcast today. Listen in!

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