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March 2022, In the last six months, these songs have been in rotation on the North Central Washington country radio.
I Must Have Kissed An Angel
With No Goodbye
I Won't Be The One 
Hide Your Eyes 

Been really great to hear our work air between the big names of country music.  



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Hi Kenney,
Thank you for the stars on "Try Me" cover, with Junior Murrell; we appreciate you very much!

Hi Kenney--Nice job on "Be Careful My Heart". Very pretty! I responded to your Broadjam mail; there are too many names on Facebook like you gave me to narrow down, so please just send me a friend request. Thanks :-)
Jeana Potthoff

Hey Ho , thanks for those lovely stars for JUST LOVE BEING IN LOVE !

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Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat
over 30 days ago

Hey I just spent 10 minutes laughing at your name even tho we've known each other for a long time! I'd love to hear the story on that name someday! catnip=+=

Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat
over 30 days ago

Of Course no one but me would report that their is a broken 5th string on that beautiful nylon stringed guitar! It's what I played when I won 1st place in the talent contest at FSU when I was in college! I got to play at the DOWNUNDER coffeehouse where I played frequently. Love these pics---especially of Ms Gorgeous! catnip

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