The Climate Race

Story Behind The Song

Just lifting my head above the parapet and looking with open eyes about what is going on. We are constantly distracted by other more immediate things but we need to lock down a strong environmental policy globally.

Song Description

The wildfires in the USA, Australia and elsewhere, the Tsunami in the Pacific, the melting icebergs, pollution and the issue of greenhouse gases all together mean that the world and the countries within it are in urgent need to change environmental policy. This song is a funky but serious reminder about these issues.

Song Length 3:11 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Worried, Moving
Subject Earth, Future Similar Artists Natalie Merchant, Joss Stone
Language English Era 2000 and later


The Climate Race lyrics


We've still got hope.

There is some scope

But the futures looking bleak

Can't wait another week

The world is burning

And we are not learning

The facts are blurry

Some countries are surly

Pre chorus

Everything we do now

Must lead somehow

To a global queue

To follow things through


Less heat and waste.

Must work in haste

And all embrace.

The climate race.


Some states are listening.

Plans are shifting.

Budgets are lifting

With no more drifting

It's down to us all.

To hear the call.

Join the long haul

And protect our ball


Less heat and waste

Must work in haste

And all embrace.

The climate race.


We need to ditch the coal

Plant trees, be bold.

Stop making toxic gas.

Get out of this impasse.

Less heat and waste.

Must work in haste.

And all embrace.

The climate race.

(May not be the final version)

Joy Solomon

Lyrics Joy Solomon Music Joy Solomon
Producer Paul Conkling Publisher I own 200%
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