My name is Lindsay Jupp and I like writing songs. I have eclectic tastes and I like to make my own kind of music. Songs I have written can be found on all streaming sites and are available to buy. Songs can be found by their title or by placing in the search 'Strange World Music'.

I do not perform and I do not tour but I do like writing songs. I aim to pitch my songs for sync opportunities, placements etc. My songs can be licensed. I am a member of the PRS.

My songs are not about me but they are inspired by fantasy, fiction, life, people, the environment and so on. I own all my songs.

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My latest song'Chasing You' is out now on all streaming platforms.
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Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to Strange World Music

2nd attempt at commenting on Dance With Me!
Great Hook!
You sing it beautifully!
Nice key changes which add to Romance of song.
Lovely Swing all way through!
One to watch!
"Dancing" seems to be my Theme just now!
Please Check out my latest song here!
"I See Her Dancing"!

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Strange World Music
over 30 days ago

Hi Jim, Thank you for your comments about my song 'Dance With Me'. Your song 'I See Her Dancing' is a very nice song. My sister was listening to it and said it reminds her of Pat Boone's Moody River and the vocalist suits the song, he has the right voice for the song. Lindsay

Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to Strange World Music

"I wanna be with a man like you" is. Quite a mouthful!"
Plenty going on and swings into the Hook effectively!
Good confident vocals!
Ended abruptly though!
I'm same as you! I just write what I like and comes to me!
You might like my, "One Night Stand" or a story like, "The Promise" or "Drift Away"!

Hi, Lindsay. Many thanks for the 5 stars on "You Can Feel It." A vote of confidence from you means a lot! I have listened to several of your songs, all terrific stuff! Hey, this site confuses me, too. I try to find people who review my songs and I often get returned to the review page. John

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