I'm a rapper/songwriter, tryin' ta grind, line by line..
Fightin time, only understood by enlightened minds..

I hope this finds you well. Me, I'm ready, willing & able..
Feel free 2 ask me just what I bring 2 the table.. TD
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Creastland Boy Records
over 30 days ago to TD Drake

Congratulations TD Drake. Much success to you.

Do have special needs for online music production services? Production tools, track outs, drum & percussion overlays, youtube services, mix, mastering etc.. Any special needs? Just ask Jared ThirdWordPub@aol.com

over 30 days ago to TD Drake

I really like the drum work on "Against the Grain". The synths/pads in the background fit perfect. The guitar melody sounds great. Good job on this track.

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TD Drake
over 30 days ago

Thanks my man, good lookin out..

Jay Paperz
over 30 days ago

how are are you Iam Jay Paperz my song just made it to top 10 on the broadjam charts can you listen to my song and give it five and i do the same for you we got to stick together if we want to make something happen also we have a contest going on at www.igmenterprise.com top 50 contest come join you have great music its free

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