Talking Book Featuring Jared is a Atlanta based studio band formed by songwriter/producer Jared Johnson.  The band records and performs songs written and produced by Jared Johnson, the band name is inspired by the legendary Stevie Wonder album "TALKING BOOK", and their music is a diverse spectrum of today's world with messages of life and love in their musical genre being a vocal/instrumental blend of R&B Soul and Smooth Jazz.  The band's songs has millions of Spotify and Apple Music streams worldwide, and heavy rotation hits on MUSIC CHOICE!,, VH1-Soul and Indie Music Network.
Released MUSE OF ISIS VOL. 1 on 1-3-2023 10 songs, and released MUSE OF ISIS VOL. 1  DELUXE 8-1-2023 12 songs.
In 2023 their hit FREE THE FEELING topped the broadjam R&B Soul Chart at #1, and peaked at #13 on the TOP 50 Listeners Chart, while the hit CHOCOLATE WINE peaked at #3 Broadjam R&B Soul

Sounds Like: Maxwell, Sade

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Jared Johnson Producer/Songwrite

Talking Book Featuring Jared is a studio band formed by songwriter and producer Jared Johnson. The band records and releases original songs written and produced by Jared Johnson and The group name is inspired listening to the legendary Stevie Wonder album Talking Book, as the music is drawn from the full spectrum of today's world with messages of life and life lessons. Their musical genre is best described as a blend of R&B Soul and Smooth Jazz.
Jared has recorded with vocalists Sam Salter (Babyface, Tricky Stewart), Mr. Jonz (Ciara, Ludacris, and T.I.), Michael Anthony, and Yvonne Lewis (Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston), Amber Bullock (Kirk Franklin). The current vocal line up is a stellar one name lineup of Davy, Paige, Evan and Alice which Jared calls the DPEA team. The current Instrumental lineup features Jared Johnson (Keys, Sythns), Sam Skelton (Sax, Matchbox 20), Scott Meeder (drums, Boyz II Men), John Carrozza (Guitars Keys, Boyz II Men), Pat Malone (Bass).
Talking Book Featuring Jared has featured songs on the APPLE MUSIC NETWORK, AMAZON MUSIC, SPOTIFY, PANDORA, MUSIC CHOICE NETWORK, iHEART NETWORKS, INDIE NETWORK, KISS-FM NETWORK, VH1-SOUL NETWORK, and SMOOTHJAZZ.COM network with over 4 million credited streams, and fans in 97 countries worldwide, The group has signed recent deals signed with Wright Family Films, Exclusive Artists Publishing and Tinderbox Music to produce songs for film and TV projects. They are the first group signed to the newly formed SOUTHERN LADY GENERALS ENTERTAINMENT record label, and their album MUSE OF ISIS VOL. 1 is the first album released by SOUTHERN LADY GENERALS ENTERTAINMENT on January 3, 2023.
Their catalog of music can be heard on their website
Their Lyric Videos can viewed on the you tube channel Southern Lady Generals Entertainment


Do you know when I can expect to get the videos for my song?

over 30 days ago to Talking Book Featuring Jared

I am looking for a videographer in near future. I am outside Douglasville. Whats your current status? Love your vocals and music production on " Like the Wind." Muriel

My brother you have a very beautiful rich voice and i love this this first track 'Like The Wind' it's 'WICKED', the melody,chords,vocals & harmonies simply 'WICKED' my brother, Emmett North Jr. PS.I keep listening and may find many favorites***

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